Microsoft Mahjong for Windows 10

Free Windows OS version of classic Chinese Mahjong tile game designed for single player usage

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10

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Fans of Mahjong have the opportunity to test their skills with the Microsoft Mahjong Windows 10 edition program.

The program allows users to play the traditional game of Mahjong, which contains 136 tiles, and which include 36 characters, 36 circles and 36 bamboos. These are divided into four other sets with numbers running from one to nine in each of the suits. Additionally, there are 12 dragon tiles and 16 wind tiles. Those who are new to the game have the opportunity to play a few practice levels before they ramp up the difficulty and proceed to harder challenges. Like many other modern renditions of classic games, this one features a number of challenges and levels designed to improve the player's abilities and prepare them for harder challenges to come.

In order to get a complete Mahjong, the player must try to get all 14 of their tiles into four distinct sets and a single pair. The pair is two tiles with the exact same imagery. The set can be either a pung or a chow. With a pung, the set is clearly seen as three identical tiles, and with a chow, the run is made to include three consecutive numbers of the same suit. In order to play the game well and efficiently the player must make sure that they try to plan ahead. Most of the levels are randomly generated, which means that the tiles will appear on the board in any configuration, and the players must use their planning to get the matches as necessary. The game is one of the most innovative modern takes on a traditional Chinese game, and it is sure top lease.

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